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Our factory, which is located in Pınarbaşı İzmir, manufactures fuel lift pumps, fuel filters, fuel filter heads, strainers, fuel taps, repair kits for tractors, forklifts, trucks, construction machineries and old automobiles. Exporting 80 % of its products with its proven quality, FLP Automotive achieved great success in international market. Our main export continent is the Europe but we are activating in America, Australia, Asia and Africa continents as well. We reflect our experience in national and international market of approximately 40 years in the business to our customers, and aim customer satisfaction and long term business relationships. .

Our Mission

Our Vision

To follow strict quality standarts with improved manufacturing methods, in order to be one of the leading companies and the most trustful company in the world. To reflect our experiences in the production to our products and to serve to the customer satisfaction with the competitive prices and good quality.